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How to install Star Trek Fleet Command Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, No Ads) Download APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Star Trek Fleet Command Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, No Ads) Download APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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You can get the convention! Use your skill in techniques, diplomacy, fight, and management to understand the harmful universe of the star trek fleet command mod apk. This game expands the universe with the new star trek: finding IP

Therefore, Go into a galaxy on the spot of struggle such as Romulan forces vie for management of the aleph and beta quadrant, Klingon and Federation. And unveil a historical mystery that will tip the energy endlessly. Because the starbase commander is on the sting in the decent house, you will recruit famous officers such as James T. Kirk, Nero, Spock _  and build highly effective boats together with the enterprise Klingon Hen of Pray and the Romulan Warbird.  

Besides, Join thousands of players by defeating your opponents, forge alliances, dominate and construct an epic fleet to secure the galaxy and as well as get unlimited money just like in world conqueror 4 and clash of clans

Explore new civilization, search out new life, discover unusual new worlds, boldly go where no one has gone. And become part of the highly effective alliance to master the techniques of the star and build a high-efficiency empire and primarily within the galaxy.  

About The Game

Star trek fleet hack game is single gamer gameplay for mobile gadgets with great graphics. This is a 4X “exterminate, exploit, explore, expand” mobile tactic game published by Irish Digit Game Studio and moved by CBS Scopely and interactive. It was published on 29 November 2018. The Star Trek fleet cheat game is present for iOS and Android platforms. Begin it with a level up and small base, start exporting the game and construct new more ships and also upgrade levels.     

Unique Features of Star Trek Fleet Command Apk Mod

  • Unlimited money
  • Free download
  • Totally safe
  • Easy to install
  • Unlimited Raw Latium
  • Auto update
  • Unlimited coins
  • Compatible with all Android version
  • Auto-sync with the game 
  • No need to root your android devices


Initially, gamers start with a small space station and spacecraft. It’s open-world so the gamers can discover a huge area stalled by more gamers. The campaigns can take in from the NPC planet.  On the other hand, the gamers on campaigns can utilize a lot of resources to use a new ship and update space stations and further increase and discover more resources. This game is divided into two types, station and combat.

Station Research Type

This branch is mainly to increase non-battle devices such as capacity, warehouses, and resources generation. The station branch needs to save research on most defense technology. As well as, It will also give fight bonuses and increase the defense while rescuing the Star Base. 

In addition, Survey ships are also used here, and these ships are utilized for mining. The three major ships play by the law of paper, scissors, and rock where:

  • Inspectors have an edge over battleships
  • Explore have an edge over inspectors 
  • battleships have an edge over inspectors

Often, an inspector can easily win with 2500 runs, and warships can easily win with 3000 runs.  

Combat Research Type

This type covers prizes that are connected to the ability of ships such as improved hull health, deflection damage bonus and shield health. It also assists to unlock new powerful ships. The research supremacies in various ship categories for battle fleet command in the game are:

  • Explorers _ shield deflection, hull health and accuracy 
  • Incepatores  _ critical damage, attack, dodge and armor piercing
  • Battleship _     hull health, shield pierce and armor

Unlimited Raw Latinum in Star Trek Fleet Command Mod Apk

In the Star Trek fleet commander apk game, raw Latinum is the premium currency. You can gain this money by mining. So, you can simply min this in Faction Zone and Neutral Zone. 

However, you require Raw Latinum to make the Ferengi D’Vor ship. You require to level up to gain extra raw platinum. Furthermore, you can gain unlimited raw latinum on your account without spending any money. 

Various Methods To Get Ships in Start Trek Fleet Command Mods

To unlock and make a powerful star trek fleet commander aircrafts, few requirements must be met. So, you can unlock ships with 2 different methods; collecting a certain range of ships blueprints, and by analysis.

Moreover, to build a ship, when it is unsaved, you will collectively prefer to associate acceptable level tasks inside the work building, tap detail to see the requirements of each ship button. In PVP and PVP, ships can easily be retrieved by destroying anime craft and eliminating daily task missions. Therefore, the first main ship Realita can be set to expand at any time.

How To Download The Star Trek Fleet Command Mod Apk

  • First of all, press the button which is given below.
  • Then go to your mobile setting and dull all the unknown sources.
  • Now go to the apktrace website and download the apk data file.
  •  Wait a few minutes because the file is large.
  • After downloading the file you should go to the download folder.
  • Now click the apk and select to install.
  • After installation, you should not leave the game.
  • You should go to the site where the data file is the plan.
  • Extract the data file with the extractor app and go to the folder where you moved it.
  • SafeYou will then copy the file from your data and paste it into Android/ OBB.
  • Play and enjoy this game and enjoy

FAQs About Start Trek Fleet Command Mod Apk

What are the powerful ships in this game?

Well, here’s Galaxy-class, D’deridex- class Warbird, Sovereign- class, Jem’Hadar fighter, Negh’var -class Warship and many strong ships are available in this version.

Is this version of the game is safe? 

Yes, this version is 100% safe.

Is the star trek fleet free?

Not only this is free but it is also ad-free from our website.   

Is the star trek fleet mod apk is good?

When you download this interesting game from our website you will gain unlimited resources of raw latinum on the account. As such, we think it is a great mod.

What's new

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