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Do you want to play a game with unlimited gems and coins? Then Download project qt mod apk latest version Now.
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Adventure games are the most popular video game genre because they provide a new world for players to explore, and there is always something suspicious about girls. Luckily we have Project QT Mod Apk, which lets you enjoy this type of adventure without any interruptions. Nutaku is the manufacturer of this game. Nutaku apk gamers, who are known for females style games, trust this game without reservation.

Project QT mod is an action-packed game that puts you in control of a group of girls who must fight against otherworldly invaders. The goal: recruit beautiful women into your team and defend Earth from these pesky aliens.

Exclusive Modified Features of Project QT APK 2022

Project qt mod apk is a customized version of the original project qt. The original version has restrictions and all sorts of in-app purchases that players cannot afford, so they miss out on extra perks for this game.

So, we want to create a Project qt hacked apk. You will be given infinite gems and coins in Nutaku mod apk, allowing you to purchase anything you want. You will have Unlimited skills, One hit, and everything unlocked in this modified version.

Fascinating and Easy Gameplay of Project QT Mod Apk

The gameplay accidentally became a declaration-of War Against creatures on another side of a Black Hole.

Tired of being invaded by the other side, Earth is now at war. You are a recruit in this battle for survival as you fight against aliens intent on taking over our world. Recruit cute girls into your team and fight off the invader forces. These Cute Girls are Intent on invading our place a lot to save peace on the planet.

This game simplifies the complicated process of black hole research. Project QT Mod Apk offers players a straightforward, engaging story with simple controls so they can explore this imaginative universe without being overwhelmed by too much information or difficulty level spikes.

The players of Project QT Mod Apk are let into this futuristic world where they must use their skills to overcome the obstacles in front of them. In addition, there is an exciting story that unfolds as you play through different levels for each characters unique ending depending on how well or poorly things go at first glance with what happened during one experiment gone wrong when scientists were studying cosmic black holes connecting Earths by accident instead.

A player’s primary responsibility is to clear the globe of infection by replacing it with attractive girls. As a result, get ready to preserve your beautiful world from a dangerous virus.

Project QT Mod APk

Unique Features Of The Game

That’s right; you are addicted to playing games? You would like a fantastic game that will provide the most exciting and fun moments in your life. I bet it! Here is where we can find out about Project QT Mod Apk. It has some great features that will engage all players’ attention through this fantastic title.

Enjoy and Play With Alien Girls

You can enjoy and play with alien girls. If you are an alien lover who wants to spend time surrounded by these intelligent creatures, then Project qt hack offers just what your heart desires. Because the characters of this game are all female aliens who want to spend time together in their universe filled only by those we know as “aliens.” If it sounds like something you have been waiting for your whole life, do not waste any more precious seconds. Download this project qt platinmods 2022 apk.

Finish Your Adventure With Full Strength

Project QT provides an immersive experience where players can complete their adventure with full strength by linking blocks of the same color together to create combos that give them high scores. The special items in this fantastic app make it easier than ever before, so do not miss out on any chance you get because there are many things worth achieving here.

Strong Girls In The Game

Project QT Mode is a unique hybrid game that allows you to create your very own virtual reality. The strong girls in the game will help, guide, and motivate as we journey through our adventures while powered by an incredible soundtrack and graphics engine that leaves players craving more.

Multiplayer Mode

Apart from the gameplay, this game features a multiplayer mode where two people can play together or against the computer. This game is perfect for those who want to finish quickly without being rushed during their session by saving your energy while completing quests. So enjoy this amazing game feature with your friends and family.

Project QT Multiplayer Mode

Improve Your Battle Arsenal

The game features a unique arsenal of weapons for the player to use in battle. Players can upgrade their skills, items with unlimited money, and gems while also improving performance levels which come complete with eye-catching effects that will improve how characters interact during fights. You have the option of selecting the level of difficulty. This is your world to wander in it as long as possible because we know that this game will make our players addicted for sure.


All the characters in this game are girls. Recruit and enhance your favorite girl. These characters have various personalities, styles, or abilities that can be upgraded in game with items bought from an item store that uses real money.

But don’t worry, you’ll be able to complete any assignment with our updated version. All characters can be upgraded easily,  even if it is just shopping. However, you need to develop your female character gorgeous and dress her up nicely.

Participate in Romantic Modes And Activities

The game’s romantic modes and activities are always available. You can join special events to play different games, like the ones that come with their own set of challenges for hours of entertainment.

How To Download Project QT Mod Apk

You won’t be able to quit once you have joined since the fascination is too strong. Now is the time to download this project qt and take command of attractive warriors.

  • Click on the given download Apk button above.
  • You’ll be taken to the download link after that. Wait patiently for 10 seconds.
  • The downloading button will display within 10 seconds.
  • Select it by clicking on it. The download will begin immediately.

How To Install Project QT Hack Apk

  • Go to the applications folder on your device.
  • After that, select the file and click the Install option.
  • After completion of installation, you have to require to logging on to the official page. Then logging an account there.
  • Now chill and enjoy your beautiful journey.


What Kind of game is Project QT?

Project QT is a Puzzle RPG game with a lot more to it than just puzzles. You can gather up to 20 different girls to grow, level it up, and customize. You will be able to open and attract Monster Girls as you go.

Is Project QT online or offline?

This game is an online game.

How do you level up in project QT?

There are specific techniques to leveling faster than other gamers in the first or two days: achieving Rank 31 on the first day is possible. It’s worth noting that every 1 AP spent earns you 1 EXP, and every Level Up entirely replenishes your AP. Finishing your Everyday Missions will make you a significant increase in EXP.

Can you play Project QT on Android?

Yes, you can play it on your android device.

Is this game modded file is saved for your device?

Yes, this file is completely safe for your device because the file has been checked with top-quality antivirus and our skilled developers. So download it without any reservations. Even our provided version is not working, comment us, we will solve all your problems.


We play many adventure games, and sometimes it can be hard to find new things for us all. I think that’s why we get bored from time to time with the same old mechanics in these types of games. What makes them enjoyable unless there are thrills? Also, they are not designed with romance or puzzles.

 In addition to the initial play-value and excitement I got from playing Project QT mod apk for myself as an individual player, we also found romance in it. The game’s puzzles kept us on our toes which is what adventure should always do. So yeah: great job yourselves at making such fun games that can be enjoyed equally by everyone.

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What's new

  • All bugs are fixed.
  • Game speed is optimized.
  • New characters are added.
  • 10 more languages are added.

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