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Make a colony of ants. command an army and help the queen. Enjoy this Pocket ants Mod APk( Unlimited Honeydew) with friends and family.
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Pocket Ants Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything) is the latest in strategic mobile gaming, and it has been gaining popularity with gamers worldwide. Ariel Games created this game for Android and PC users. This strategic game features an army of ants battling to defend their home from enemy invaders. The player’s job is to take control of these tiny creatures and battle it out against other players in this real-time multiplayer game.

The goal of pocket ants: colony simulator mod apk is to build up your ant army so you can dominate your opponents both offline and online. You can collect new troops by exploring the map or purchasing them using coins you earn during battles. Pocket Ants Mod Apk features a whole single-player campaign that will have you battling your way through dozens of unique levels. There are also PVP battles where players can compete against each other in real-time to see who has the best strategy on their Android device.

Pocket Ants Mod Apk

How to Play Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator Mod Apk

In this game, Android gamers get their chance as the first ant worker in a colony and have one vital task; serve your queen by expanding it to its fullest potential. For that to happen, though, there will be other tasks like collecting food that can help aid with growth or keep pests away. These things might not seem too difficult at first, but it becomes clear how challenging these challenges were when you think about them.

I will teach you step-wise so that you can easily play this game.

Collect Resources

Resources are used to build new chambers and expand the size of your army with warriors, drones, or workers. To collect resources from the start of the game and increase the number of chambers.

Pocket ants have five essential resources: Food, Body Parts, Honeydew, and leaf.  Seeds are required to enhance the nest or complete other missions. As a result, players need dispatch employees to regularly gather seeds from outside the nest and deposit them in the warehouse. Seeds also help you to enter fire ants nests.

Increase The Number of Chambers

When you start a game of Pocket Ants apk, you have three chambers. You can enhance this quantity by making additional purchases in the store. This will enable you to expand your colony and increase your output.

(1) The Food Storage Chamber:

Your food storage chamber is essential for two reasons. First, it is where your food is stored. This is important because if your food storage chamber fills up, the ants will start to starve. Second, it’s also where you’ll find the Queen Ant. Queen Ant is important because she is responsible for producing new workers.

(2) The Worker Chamber

This is where your workers live and work. It is vital to keep the worker chamber clean. If you fail to do so, the ants will become sick and die off.

(3) The Nursery Chamber

This is where you’ll find your ant eggs. The eggs will hatch into new workers. Keeping the nursery chamber clean is essential, or the ants will become sick and die off. By clicking on the part and then selecting “Clean,” you can clean it.

Use Honeydew To Purchase and Exchange Items

Pocket Ants apk is a fantastic game where you can exchange money for items that will help your ants or even completely transform them. There are many things in store like increasing operating speed, reducing egg hatching time, and much more. Honeydew is a currency that we use for this purpose.

Collect Food

Food is fundamental to growing ants. You will use the leaf to generate food.

Build and Upgrade The Slave Room

The slave room is a place to keep resources, so do not forget to create and upgrade it. You can also combat the animals outside to gather extra Parts Of the body, which you could use to enhance your character.

Feed Your Queen:

It would be best if you fed the queen so she could lay eggs for more soldiers. Do not stop her from laying eggs.

Defend and Explore New Area

Defend against any unwelcome invaders to protect your territory. You should take new areas from others if you want an enormous colony.

Assign Your Work

You will have many tasks in your day-to-day work that you will assign to your workers, like collecting resources or fighting against enemies. With all these options available at first glance, players can slowly upgrade their home base to become stronger over time by experimenting with different building styles that suit them best.

Develop Your Army

You can build an army of cute little ant warriors to raid other players’ territories for resources. This will help strengthen your army.

Supreme Commander

You have to control all of your worker ants as their supreme commander because they explore and build up food sources for survival.

Unique Aphid For Honey Collection

There is a unique aphid in the game that will produce honey for ants. Your task is to take these aphids caravan to the nest. You must defeat the army of red ants in order to achieve this goal. Red ant army is your main rival in the game as they keep an eye on your resources to take them back to their colony. You can quickly defeat the red ants army because they lose direction and lose swift without their leader.

Attack on Red Ants

Addictive Gameplay

Pocket Ant is an excellent, fun-filled game for all ages. The addictive gameplay will keep you entertained as you build your ultimate ant colony by taming ants and bringing them back to the nest with food items they like.

Modified Features of Pocket Ants

The Pocket Ants cheats game is a modified version of the usual mobile arcade-style. This new game will bring you more advanced features and elements for a more thrilling gaming experience. With the help of pocket ants mod apk (Unlimited resources 2021), you can unlock all unique resources in your quest to win every level. Particularly

Unlimited Money

The Pocket Ants MOD  (Unlimited Honeydew) is all about unlimited money. As a currency, the game will provide you with a limitless supply of Honeydew.  You can now buy in-game stuff and enhance everything they want without having to worry about price tags.

No Ads

The Pocket Ants hacked is the perfect app for those who want to avoid pesky ads. It is ad-free, secure and easy.


How Many Soldier ants can you have in the game?

There are 1-4 Soldier Ants in pocket ant, with 50 levels. You get new ants by upgrading your Queen’s Chamber and leveling up their status with her.

How do you upgrade the queen chamber in Pocket Ants?

Pocket Ants has a Queen’s chamber that needs upgrading. Seeds are used until Level 6. Resin is required for the rest of them; this will be spawned in after player ants kill each other or start-up Pocket ant themselves.

What is the most robust bug in Pocket Ants?

The Bombardier Beetle is the turtle of the insect world. They are slow, but they pack a powerful punch with their toxic arsenal from behind.

Is the mod version of Pockets Ants Safe for download?

Our mod version is 100% verified by our developers. We have scanned it through anti-virus apps. So, without further ado, download it.

How to get pocket ants cheats?

So, you are looking for the best way to beat Pocket Ants? Well, do not worry, download our modified version. The cheat codes offer unlimited food, resources, and money to get everything on your shopping list without limitations.

Can you play the Pocket ants on PC?

Yes, you can easily play ants on PC. For the greatest gaming experience, utilize Blue Stacks app players to compete this Android application on your Windows computer or MAC.

How Can I Download The Pocket Ants Mod APk (Unlimited Money Latest Version) For Android

To download Pocket Ants mod apk free shopping, you need to understand the latest version and how it works. You should also be aware of the features included in this release. It’s simple to get it by following these steps:

  • Click on the link given above
  • You will be redirected to downloading page
  • Wait for 10 seconds. Your downloading will start.
  • Now install it and enjoy.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a unique game, then Pocket Ants are the one. Pocket Ants Mod APK latest is a game and teaches you how to create your colony, gather resources, and protect it from enemies. With its unique graphics, this will be one of the best games for android lovers. Pocket ants mod enables players to navigate different challenges by building colonies with varying qualities such as strength or size, collecting food sources, etc.

Lastly, please share it with friends or family members so they can also experience all that great gameplay.

If you have any questions regarding Pocket ants, contact us below by commenting on our post.

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What's new

Resin and honeydew bonuses can now be upgraded further.
Added diamond pheromones for diamond rank.
Adjusted ranks thresholds.
Added confirmation window for all gem purchases.
Reduced gem price for speeding up soldier ants.
Small changes.
Bug fixes.



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