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reward (unlimited money, diamonds and gems). Right now, download this exciting game and get a unique experience from my singing monster mod apk. 
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Hey guys! We are presenting with such an amazing and interesting game which is full of songs, that is called my singing monsters mod apk. In the game, your work is to take care of monsters and get as a reward (unlimited money, diamonds and gems). Right now, download this exciting game and get a unique experience from my singing monster mod apk. 

My singing monsters apk mod, gamers will begin with a quiet island and your work is to gather monsters and tear that peace to form the best band. However, the game includes different types of monsters to select from and every monster has unfamiliar personalities and sounds. So, every combination, removing or adding monster, will build the tune you make the unique features. 

My singing monsters mod is still considered a simulation game with unique gameplay and content. It doesn’t need to be absorbed in demolishing monsters like dramatic action or role-playing games, instead, make your monster build free monster music.  

Or you experience and refer Pocket Build, a simulation game to make a global of sand box with great 3D graphics. Furthermore, in pocket build, you are free to make any type of thing in your virtual world and arrange it for yourself. 

An iOS shifted classic music promotion game, and it’s a green world that is full of exciting monsters. In my singing monsters hack apk, different monsters can be upgrade raised and gathered. 

Interestingly, these monsters have unique voices, and gamers can gain them to make new music in the game world. There are 30 types of monsters to gather, and every island has concert halls.

This kind of game is reliving, do not miss it!

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My singing monsters mod is a tactic game that unlocks the tiny garden and installs several monsters, but this task is different from other music games. The monsters in this work of music, and it is about to sing when the egg hatches.

The more you progress the tiny garden, the more famous BGM will be! 

After begins the game, the screen becomes visible, the rock_ like monsters beat like drums or white monsters sing “BOURNE BONE”. Besides you can make unknown monsters through different styles, such as by mixing eggs, buying and hatching.

As the amount of monsters boasts, the background sound becomes denser and more solitary with no short chord. 

And that’s not the just thing that you can do. Moreover, you can enjoy a tiny garden game you can pick up and removed obstacles, creating braids and trees and rocks, raising monsters and make money. 

Above all, it is fun that the BGM becomes lively when the amount of monsters grows, and gamers surprise what the prepared form will be, they will easily play forever. You will be happy to feel your hard work not only with your eyes but also with your ears when trying to create your monster choir.

Story of My Singing Monsters Mod Apk

This is a classic development music game prepared for iOS. This strange world is filled with monsters. There are different monsters in the signing monster game that will be collected, raised and upgrade.

Interestingly, these monsters have unique voices, and gamers can gain them to make new music in the gaming world. Furthermore, there are 30 types of monsters to gather, and every island has concert halls.

Moreover, on every beautiful island of the game, players must achieve a series of work like bing food for monsters and feed them, planting trees and moving unnecessary structures to replace them with recent buildings.

So, upgrade your monsters and earn money. In addition, the game has a system of success and aim that, if finished you also get several other prizes. In the game, athletes gather and raise different monsters and have fun with the great sounds conduct by the monsters.

The world offered by the game is like an unmanageable and magical world! On the other hand, singing monsters can easily unlock monsters and make their world while arranging and planning monsters habitats. 

Key features include:

  • Amazing art, animation and audio effect
  • Rewards and achievements
  • 30+kinds of epic and unreal monsters
  • Make a special combination of sound and view
  • Combine your monster and make extra ones! 
  • work_ based tutorial, suitable for starters
  • Many decoration and structure affects every monster
  • Earning levels to unlock more things and monster
  • More monsters,  more music content and every weak island 
  • 3D sound effects, with  a lot of individual songs
  • tower collecting coin mechanics and Casual games with RPG
  • Creative lush island, every island has a unique theme and monster environments

Overall Evaluation of Singing Monsters Mod Apk

Exciting Gameplay

Monsters are gained by purchasing coins with a showcase, or by reproducing between various monsters. To make new species, you just have to experiment with a large collection of monsters! 

Once placed on the island, monsters will gather coins with time and you will arrange them to purchase unfamiliar monsters and buildings that will enhance the pleasure of monsters and feed them and it will also make candy.

Like various free to play games on mobile phones, there is an option to purchase coins to get speed, but you don’t think in singing monster need it. You only have to be calm, because every action takes real-time (making cake and much more). 

In addition, you can easily make comprehensive environs for monsters: trees, bakeries items improving their performance. By making all the extent for our human beings, you will get level and it will permit you to open island with special monster and songs.

Attractive Game Principle

You will look at yourself on the island, peaceful, uninhabited and covered with plants. This is a place where we will put the initial island on this island. The child monster will make the song utilizing a tool and his mouth or any part of the body. 

In addition, there are a hundred types of different monsters with musical expressions. Few are singers, few are stringed instruments or even DJs and there are also crash. You will realize that the more we include various monsters on our island; the song will be more complicated. It depends on you to produce your song with the being of your choice.

Creative Theme

My singing monsters hacked mod apk is the game in which your job is to raise monsters that create sound. However, your goal is to assist monsters to free their voices an unreal game for your android gadget. Therefore, the game asks the gamer to care about the monster who likes to play and sing on the little island. 

The game starts to like the “Farmhouse” in which ordinary creatures are born to take care of it. Not only rather on a farm but they’re also on the island in the sky.

In the beginning, you purchase monsters and put them on the scene. Then a strange thing occurs. The monster is calm with the background sound and amplifies it with their music.

High-Quality Graphics  

This interesting game gets music based relaxed unique gaming experience. The game consists of hundreds of various species and you have to feed, raise and reproduce them in the hope of bringing them all together. 

Although every monster has a different personality, and it relies on the island in which is on land. The art of the game is fresh, which attracts the lovers of the game. Every monster is miraculous.

My Singing Monsters Mod Apk Unique Monster

Raise and Grow Your Monster Musicians

Want to expand your singing monster group? It is simple _ reproduce monsters with different components together to make fresh ones! In contrast, you will easily upgrade the monster levels through rewards.

Tips and Tricks

Keep in your mind that when your monsters are happy, they develop coins fastly. Buy and keep monsters and objects near you to make them comfortable to see their affiliations.  

When the level is higher, your monsters make a lot of money. To match them, you just have to feed the monsters. So, the higher they go, the greedier they become. On every island, you can have kept 5 bakeries. However, store food as soon as possible and protect the monsters.

Know that, you will inflict a mine on every island as it conducts one diamond per 24 hours. Go shopping for diamonds regularly and insert free diamonds as you will have a ring in your pocket to watch the video for 30 seconds. 

Every Monster Has Its Voices

As you open every cute character their special musical style will be included in the song make a symphony, make an extra vibrant sound. Few monsters have sound qualities, while other gameplay great instruments.

Explore Unknown Lands and Charming Melodies

Expand your horizons far away from the continent and discover the diverse amazing outer island. Everyone has a contagious island, as presented by your singing monster master! Who knows how many explorers there are.   

How to Download My Singing Monsters Mod Apk 

  • Press the download button which is above to start the download procedure. Do again with the same OBB.  
  • After completing it, open the file manager and choose the required application file.
  • If you first time installs the apk file your gadget can ask for few permissions.
  • To permit the installation procedure you need to open a gadget setting and turn on “Allow from this device”.
  • After the installation is complete, this interesting game is available for play.


Do not forget to uninstall the original version of this exciting game before installing the modded apk version to protect against errors during the downloading and installation procedure.


If you desire to utilize a word to narrate Big Blue Bubble, the publisher of this game to odd term should be the most appropriate. This is a game gather, build and upgrades your sound world by the monsters. 

The main role of the game is a team of monsters who chorus with a banded voice. Monsters can easily sing, hear strange sounds and utilize different tools with them. So, free download my singing monster mod apk (unlimited gems) from apktrace. We provide all the detail about the game which assists you to play the game. I hope you don’t find any trouble with the game. If you threaten any problems then comment on us.      

What's new

Celebrate 9 years of My Singing Monsters with our ANNIVERSARY MONTH Event! Not only will there be extra-special offers and promotions all September long, this update is also JAM-packed with new content and features! IN THIS UPDATE: • Collect All Feature!!! • New Island: Seasonal Shanty • New Monster: Jam Boree, the Anniversary Month Seasonal • Rare Wubbox on Ethereal Island • Filters in the Monsters and Costumes menus of the Market • Anniversary Month decor on Gold Island



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