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Animation throwdown mod apk is the fanatic adventure game. Lots of cards and numerous characters are available in the game. Hence, come to the match, and gather cards, and play with those characters that you like in your favorite shows.

In contrast, you can participate in funny combats. So, Play a new cartoon game and get an epic experience. Immerse yourself in animation throwdown and win different battles and gain money, gold, and much more as a bonus.

The game introduces several characters. Players can readily meet the characters according to their wishes; the five main characters are American dad, Bob’s Burger, Family Guy, Futurama, King of the Hills.

As well as, play your favorite characters like Roger the Alin, Stewie, Tina Checker, Hank Hill,  Brain, and many other characters are present in the game. In the Animation throwdown game, you will have to add different cards with distinct powers. Use their skills to fight enemies just like in Hero Fighter X Mod Apk in the fun card game. 

It is basically, card game. Besides, you can easily unlock fantastic scenes with hilarious moments of every character in this cartoon series from these cards. Moreover, Participate in your enemy one-to-one card fight where you have to come with the right tactics and approach. 

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How to Play Animation Throwdown Apk Mod

Animation Throwdown: Epic CCG is straightforward to play. You have to gather different cards and arrange them into the deck. After that, when you start the battle, you will have to take out five cards from your deck where you put the cards.

Moreover, this is a game of rotation. Remember that, in each turn, you will use your card from your hand. Cards are your power. Your card must be better than your opponents. As your opponents losses their powers, the level of blood is minor. Keep playing until it is zero. 

You will play until your opposer score becomes zero. To win the game, you need to use unique cards in the combo. You can also utilize the skill of your character. Play the game with your friends and becomes the winner of the game. 

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk Latest Version
Download Animation Throwdown Mod Apk For Android

Unique Features of Animation Throwdown Mod Apk Latest Version

This  game has some unique features, which are given below:

Animation Throwdown Tricks

There are various tricks in animation cheat games to connect two or more cards. If you have sufficient cards and you know to use these cards, you can demolish your opponents. You can too make new plans. 

Moreover, these plans will help you to upgrade your card and hero skills. Use your suitable cards and strategy for full combination capability.

Animation Throwdown Cards

Cards are used to play the game for different purposes, such as defeat enemies, upgrade skills, upgrade heroes’ powers, etc. There are four kinds of playable cards, item cards, combo cards, character cards, and combo cards.

Furthermore, there are five different card rarities: legendary, rare, mythic, common, and epic. Although there are some distinctions among the four playable cards, each rare type is different in strength and health.

Common cards are the easiest and weakest, but the most vital cards are hard to come by. In addition, each card has one trait and three skills.

Play With Cartoon Characters

This is an exciting feature of the game. More, In an animation cheat game, you can play with different characters.

Futuramayou will play with Leela, Zoidberg, and Fry.  

King of Hills: players will play with Family Friends and Hank Hill.

Family Guy: you will play with Lios, Peter, Brain, Steve, Joe, Stewie, Meg, and Lois.

American Dad: you will play with Francina, Sten Smith, Steve, and Helly.

Bob’s Burger: you will play with Linda, Bob, and the Children.

Best Combos

Some combos are more beneficial than others. You will utilize these combos, and get you will approach their full potential.  

Whisky Drunk Brain=Almoo Beer + Brain: this is suitable for taking off your enemy card.

Bob in the Wall= Rupert + Bob: you can demolish from this combo. 

Playwright Brain=Vitruvine Man + Brain: it is suitable for recovery, promotion, and attacks.

Tennis Ball Brain= Reprut + Brain:  it is good to break the defense.

Some Tips of Throdown Mod Apk

As we know, every gamer wants to become the champion of the game. They will play games with their full powers, but sometimes they can’t complete levels. Thus we give you some tips which are lead you ahead in the game. 

  • Build a decent deck
  • Purchase packs fastly
  • Use strong combos
  • Upgrades your card
  • Explore more new combos

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk (Unlimited Money-Gems)-Mod Features

We explain some mod features of this game. These all help to play the game. Hence, study all these and acquire about to the game.

Unlock More Gameplay

As if you will progress in the game to unlock more things in the thronedown hack game. You will also compete with online players and participate in PVP battles and Screte fine club together.

Play Epic Cards Game

As we mentioned above, this is a cards game. And you will get access to distinct cards from cartoon series. On the other hand, all the cards have different specifications.  You can unlock more things from these cards. Therefore, fight opposers and rise to the top.

Unlimited Money/Cards

This is my favourite game feature because you can unlock more items from money, gems and cards. Discover new things with cards, and also you will collect strong cards.

Enjoy The Game For Hours

You will play the game as long as you like to play because this is a very interesting game. You can play for several hours animation throwdown mod apk without getting bored. Plus, you will make new friends from all over the world.  

Enjoy Single-Player Mission 

It is a top-rated game due to its interesting mods. In the Throwdown apk game, you will play online as well as you will play offline. The game developers also introduce a new mod for the single-player missions for offline players. Additionally, you will explore new gameplay. Moreover, you will travel to more than 30 different islands. In these islands, you will compete with capable enemies. You can also play Zoo 2 Animal Park Mod Apk.

Collect More Upgrades

Use your time to explore more things, such as combos. Combos will help to attack your opponents. Unlike, you will upgrade your character skills and boost your cards. You can too find new cards from the prestigious Mom’s Mystery Box.

Sound and Graphics

The sound and graphics are an essential part of the game. It is a cartoon type game. Players can play this animation throwdown hack apk game on any android gadget.  Additionally, The pictures make the game reality. Similarly, The background sound of the animation game is very thrilling. Play and enjoy.      

Rewards tiers

Bronzy tier/mastery: you will get four common cards.

Silver-tier/mastery:   you will get two rare cards.

Gold tier/mastery:     you will get one epic card ( 2 different for 27- 3 and above).

Onyx tier/mastery:     you will get one epic card ( 2 different for 27- 3 and above). 

Animation Throwdown Cheats

Lots of cheats are available online in this game. If you like to utilize all the cheats, you must download the animation throwdown mod apk. You will gain the following packs.

  • Free special pack
  • Free VIP cards
  • Starter pack
  • Large gem pack
  • Medium gems
  • Small gems pack
  • Time-limited pack

How to Download Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

  • Press the download link, which is present on our website.
  • Your file begins to download.
  • Remember that uninstall the old version of this game. Sometimes users have faced a lot of trouble installing the app that has been downloaded.
  • All unknown sources from your devices.
  • Then, click on the install button.
  • After few minutes, your installation is complete.


How to play in secrete fight club?

You need to keep playing and winning the arena to enter a secret fight club until you reach the top 15. Ranh 15 is the most “ normal” rank. When you split the peak of that rank, you will acquire an approach to SFC.

Is internet connection is necessary for animation throwdown mod apk game?

Yes, the internet is needed for the online game. The animation CCG is free to play, but you will spend real money to purchase additional items. 

How do you level up your hero in the game?

To upgrade your hero, you will need to collect hero tokens. The hero tokens as the opportunity to withdraw from Arena Matches or can be found as a special events prize and in the store. On the other hand, Hero tokens can be bought at the challenge store and earned in Wonder Worf Coin () challenges.

What’s the best way to acquire free goods on Animation Throwdown?

Only the mobile versions of Animation Throwdown have the offer wall. Qualifying third-party deals will now win you extra gems in the game. To find deals, go to the ‘Shop’ menu and then to the ‘Gems’ tab. Select ‘Free Gems,’ and the offer wall should populate with deals available to you after some moments.


Animation throwdown mod apk is the best adventure game. Thousands of downloads are on the play store. When you read the content, you will also download this game. We write this article just for you because we know you are the big lovers of this game.

We describe some unique features of the animation throwdown mod apk game. You will not only play with your buddies, but you make new friends from the who world. You will play with various characters. And immerse yourself in different battles. Free download animation throwdown game from apktrace.

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• Fixed issues with logging in to accounts
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