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American Dad Apocalypse soon mod apk is one of the famous role-playing games that is generated by M.Com.B.V. And it is accessible for both iOS and Android users. American dad apocalypse soon was offered in 2019 and received 5 million downloads around the year. In American Dad Apocalypse mod version, enjoy with unlimited money to purchase weapons and many more.

The American Dad Apocalypse Soon Mod Apk and name content of the game is taken from the famous American cartoon titled American dad. It is amazing to play as a part of American dad character. Like other RPG fight games, here you ready your army, to make your shelter, and finally, stand up against aliens to protect the city.

This American Dad Apocalypse Soon Mod Apk, fox hit series is about Stan Smith who operates the CIA with his wife Franci and their two-child Steve and Halay but not without spy films or Kalus Roger. However, the main aim of the show is that the values of the family such as honesty, responsibility, loyalty and relies on the toilet laughter for laughter which can sometimes make you feel a little nauseous especially when it’s bad. 

The American Dad Apocalypse Soon Mod Apk is a slightly distinct RPG strategy that you will create if you think of tricks. Will I victory? The animated film has been liked by various viewers and promises to provide the best experience with unique stories to the gamers.

Free download American dad from here! Right now we can join an epic story together. 

Story of The Game:

One day in the city of Langley Falls Stan life is turned upside down. Suddenly he set up his livelihood with his family behind an alien mothership. The aliens are demolishing everything and flashing their lights on human beings to abduct them on a scientific basis.

Stan instantly realizes that he needs to stop, but how can he succeed without knowing any weapons and battling skills. He meets Roger who is eager and ready to help protect humanity. A small base grows from a basement in a little army that can battle these cruel aggressors.

The story of this game is about an alien who lives in the Smith family. Therefore utilize this character and gain through the game and learn more about stan capture family, make needed tools and buildings and how you can protect them. As a technology maker Roger Advantage is to make a cloning machine that allows whole armies of aliens to be made instantly to combat invaders.

What’s New in The American Dad Apocalypse Soon Mod Apk:

  • Infinite roger clones
  • Unlimited money 
  • Unlock all weapons 
  • Unlimited golden
  • Totally safe 
  • Unlimited resources
  • Compatible with all android version
  • Auto-sync with the game
  • Auto-update
  • Free to download 
  • No need to root android devices


The greatest challenge in this game is to protect your family from aliens. In sudden aliens, invasion and humans will be captured. 

Furthermore, your character in the game is to protect kidnapped people and your family from aliens. This game is not easy to play but the publisher’s continuous guide will help you to understand it easily. You will build your basement and stand against the aliens.

So your basement changes into various rooms like a money room, weapons room and laboratory rooms. When the game starts all the tools of the basement are limited. As long as you play this game and prepare the skill you will gain more tools and you will demolish all the aliens. 

The game Roger Rabbit secret Hole is a difficult strategy game that forces gamers to make quick decisions. The gamer must make his basement a comfortable and efficient place for Roger army _ which will eventually lead him to fight against the army as well!. Gamers have various styles to improve themselves.

Dr. Rogers will have to combat his method through aliens and with your help he will surely have to use the latest weapons to meet them. The fighting style makes rounds an alternative combat system so make sure you set up a good list so that you get rid of buddies one by one even if none other than Dr. Roger.

Features of American Dad Apocalypse

Building and Maintaining Secrete Bases:

In the American Dad, you are accountable for maintaining and building the hidden base that you will host your army. The gamer must arm this underground composition with everything Smith requires including the creation facilities so that he can build and make new fatal weapons. With this, they want to get rid of evil invaders from other planets before demolishing the earth.

PvE and PvP:

In the American apocalypse game, there are two various modes and two different results. In PvP mode, you will show that your skills are best. On the other hand in PvE mode, you will follow the story of the game with the creative group to protect the world.

Players will meet Mr Smith on the journey and as well as they will discover other characters during the journey.  In PvP mode, you are the leader of the army as opposed to others. So join yourself in this game mode and show you are the winner.  

Fight Aliens and Boss:

In the American dad soon game there are many battles in front of the main character but fortunately, you can dispose of the junk to gain more power. The game consists of different missions that are solved by battling bosses or aliens. Immerse yourself in different missions of the game, destroy aliens and get new experiences.

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Customization & Weapon:

This is one of the best features of the game. Role-playing strategy games provide you with full control over customizing the Roger clones army to your liking. You can easily customize your choice of armor weapon and tools that will help you remain against the opponents. You can easily fight with different bosses and aliens with different types of equipment and weapons.

Weapons exist from the past like arrow bows to guns in modern times. Future weapons such as laser guns and plasma guns are also present on Rogers Island.

Not only is his cupboard diverse with everything from gangster costume to medieval clothing. Various cans of water were dispersed everywhere in this tropical heaven for the convenience of the players.

Great Graphics:

The game is based on the famous American cartoon. But the publisher has provided standard graphics to understand all roles in this game. He has consciously taken care of each component of the game such as brightness, colour and sound. All the images utilized in this game take the game into new elevation. 

How to Download and Install American Dad Apocalypse Soon?

We have worked to make easy for every visitor that come on So if you are newbie to install mod version from third party sources then below points are useful for you.

  • Click on Download Button top left corner.
  • After Download Completion, go to file manager in your device and select the application file named
  • Your device may ask for permission, for this go to your device settings and power on “Allow from this Source”.
  • After game installation, it will be available for playing.

Play American dad apocalypse soon mod apk and enjoy.

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